Wood Cutting Board Care Simplified 

Are you afraid of using your wood cutting board because of bacteria and mold? 

Don’t be! 

Yes, wood cutting boards require a bit more maintenance but they are worth it in the end. 

Keeping your cutting board free of bacteria and mold is simple.



  • Put your cutting board in the dishwasher
  • Soak your cutting board 
  • Use harsh concentrated cleaners on your cutting board 
  • Use cooking oils on your cutting board


Moist, Sticky, or Pungent Foods

Always, wash and rinse. 

Scrub clean with dish soap. Both sides of cutting board. 

Hand dry with a clean towel. 

Then let your cutting board stand on its side to air dry. 


Sanitize After Raw Meats

Scrub clean with dish soap, both sides of the cutting board. 

Rinse, damp dry with paper towel. 

Spray down both sides of your cutting board with which ever choice you would like. 

Spray down with Straight White Vinegar (for chemical free method) 

Spray down with Bleach & Water Mixture (for chemical method) 

Damp dry, stand on its side to air dry. 


Freshen Up a Smelly Board 

Simply rub a halved lemon over the clean surface of your cutting board. 

Let it sit for a couple minutes and then wipe it off. 


When to oil

A conditioned cutting board protects against bacteria and keeps your board from splitting and warping. 

Food Grade - Mineral Oil 

Rub it on both surfaces and all edges of your cutting board with a clean lint free rag. 

The more you wash your cutting board. 

The more it will need to be oiled. 

Oiling once a month will work if your cutting board is used and washed daily and you can do your wooden utensils at the same time! 


When to wax

Waxing can be done a few times a year. 

Mineral Oil & Beeswax Cream.

Or whatever product you choose! 

Your cutting board will last for many years if properly cared for! 

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