Quality Green Lumber and Wood

Green Lumber is wood that is sold directly from Quality Hardwoods & Sawmill before any drying occurs. Our green lumber is wood that has been recently cut and has not been dried either naturally (by evaporation) or by kiln-drying. Green wood or lumber, often called “wet lumber” contains a higher level of moisture than seasoned wood, and is considered to have 100% moisture content relative to air, dried or seasoned wood, which has 19% or less moisture content.

In certain cases, green lumber is preferred to dried wood, because it is relatively inexpensive or the buyer chooses to dry their own lumber. Green lumber is also softer than seasoned wood, so it can be cut more easily, and is less likely to split, so nails can be driven into it more easily. In many cases, green lumber is used for fencing, landscaping ties, shoring, trailer bed flooring, and lagging material, while some flooring manufacturers also prefer green lumber.

Green Lumber and Sawmill Sawing Services:

  • Plain Sawn or Flat Sawn
  • Rift Sawn
  • Quartersawn
  • Lumber Resizing

Indiana Green Lumber and Lumber Yard Services Near You

We're located in Knightstown, in East Central Indiana, but we serve the entire Hoosier State, as well as the Midwest, providing high-quality native Indiana Hardwoods, custom CNC wood milling and routing services, millwork, green lumber and more.