Quality Hardwoods: Forest Stewardship

Without trees, Quality Hardwoods, woodworkers, and carpenters would not be around. This is why Quality Hardwoods is committed to responsible timber buying. We understand that without good timber harvesting practices, the legacy cannot be sustained for future generations. Our commitment to the sustainable management of our forests includes:

  • Selective Timber Harvesting
  • Maximizing yield and return of the timber we harvest and saw
  • Reducing any disruption to the land, wildlife, and groundwater

Quality Hardwoods Practices Selective Timber Harvesting

One way we ensure our forests are around for years to come is to practice selective logging (versus clear cutting). Our timber buyers are careful to preserve your woods and property now and for the future. Selection cutting includes carefully selecting mature trees that have a high population in a location. Group selection helps:

  • Maintain wildlife ecosystems
  • Younger and smaller trees have more sunlight to grow
  • Ensure that carbon dioxide stored by trees is regenerated quicker

Sustainable Timber Buying

Whether you're harvesting trees to give way to the next generation of forest, seeking to create something beautiful for your own home, or for new development for your Indiana hardwoods, Quality Hardwoods is conscientious every step of the harvesting process, which includes:

  • Timber Appraisals
  • Timber Selection
  • Harvesting Coordination
  • Regulatory Compliance  
  • Logging
  • Hauling
  • Sawmill

Quality Hardwoods buys all hardwood species and provides quick, secure payment for logs and timber.